We are a law firm that provides integral counseling and process management of administrative and judicial matters involving Intellectual Property. By constant update and use of technology, our staff represents the interests of local and international clients, within a framework of social and environmental commitment.

We are known for our Intellectual Property expertise locally and internationally, as well as in other areas related to business.

We are fully engaged with our clients on the foundations of the ethical principles that characterize us:

  • Credibility

Our everyday management contributes to the long professional background, as well as local and international experience, being completely trustworthy

  • Commitment

Work responsibly, making every effort, meeting the high expectations in relation to the tasks assigned by customers, managers and colleagues.

  • Professionalism

We offer competitive services based on the continuous updating of knowledge and trends.

  • Initiative
We think and act in advance to the facts, looking for efficient ways of resolving situations of everyday life.